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Paris ~ Las Vegas!

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     Paris ~ Las Vegas!
     The Paris Casino Resort has been a Las Vegas landmark since 1999.  The entire theme of this luxury resort is composed of everything that one would expect to see when touring the "City Of Love" in France.  The classic French theme lends to the reputation of the Paris Casino Resort as being the most romantic destination on the Las Vegas Strip!
     Many famous sites of Paris, France, are integrated into the design of the Paris Las Vegas resort.  A half scale replica of the original Eiffel Tower is an unmistakable landmark that can be seen for miles around.  The original plan for the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower was designed to be a full scale replica, but it would have been so tall that it would have interfered with air traffic.  As it is, the Eiffel Tower replica is just over 500 feet tall and the views of Las Vegas from the top are astounding.  
     The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is located a few stories above ground level and the window seats in this restaurant offer unobstructed views of the Bellagio Fountain Show.  The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is operated by a chef that has won the best French chef in America award and the classic French cuisine is magnifique!  A friend and I reserved a table overlooking the Bellagio Fountains a few years ago and the dining experience was one that will be remembered for a lifetime.  French Champagne and Bleu Cheese Soufflé for an appetizer was followed by a classically prepared Rack of Lamb and Steak Poivrade with a vintage bottle of Bordeaux Wine.  For dessert, we chose Passion Fruit Meringue and Assorted Chocolate with fine Armagnac and Cognac aperitifs.  The French Maitre D' performed superb table side service and offered expert sommelier service.  French food, classic French service and a table in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant overlooking one of the most famous water fountain shows in the world certainly was as romantic and indulgent as a Las Vegas Christmas celebration could be!  
    Strolling around the Paris Resort property is a romantic walk by design.  Couples looking at the splendid sites naturally stop what they are doing as if they were just struck by Cupid's arrow.  Views of the Arc de Triomphe and the Montgolfier Balloon are awe inspiring.  The ground view of the front of this resort is designed like the Louvre and Paris Opera House.  The lit Eiffel Tower at night makes its presence known.  In this place, romance definitely fills the air!
     The Paris Casino Floor is tastefully designed with French cabaret flair.  The Paris Casino offers plenty of action and excitement in a casual upscale atmosphere.  There are several bars that offer relaxation and opportunities for interesting conversation.  A separate area for high rollers offers world class elegance and guest services to match.  
     As one exits the casino floor, one pathway leads down a vast convention hall that is lit with some of the most magnificent chandeliers in the world.  Gold leaf paint adorns this area and this is the place where dressing formal adds to one's own status.  
     Another pathway from the casino floor leads to the performing arts theaters, French restaurants and patisserie shops.  All along the Promenade corridor are shops of every kind and the architecture is designed to look like being at street level in Paris, France, at the turn of the nineteenth century.  Charming is the best way to describe this old fashioned French Promenade shopping corridor, which leads to the Bally's Casino Resort property next door.  
     One of the best buffets on the Las Vegas Strip is located in the Paris Resort Promenade.  The design of the Le Village Buffet is one of a kind.  The architecture is a French style antique gas lamp era village theme.  The food is served in street level shops and the seating mimics outdoor tables at a French café.  There are also private dining rooms and large table seating inside the homes in this French village.  All one has to do is visit the farmer's produce cart for salade, stop by the fromage shop for cheese and pâté, pay a visit to the charcuterie or poissonnier for some meats or seafood, then top the dining venture off with at least one visit to the patisserie shop for dessert!  Le Village Buffet is a unique stylish social dining event that must be experienced to be believed and the food is superb! 
     Of course the Paris Casino Resort offers all world class amenities and every room offers a great view of Las Vegas.  A new addition to the resort houses the Chateau Nightclub and the Sugar Factory.  If sophisticated sweet indulgence is all that is desired, then the Sugar Factory is the place to go!  The Sugar Factory specializes in fine classic desserts presented with modern flair.  Everything from gourmet cupcakes and scrumptious sundries to fine chocolates and lollypop desserts that are designed by Hollywood stars are served in the bliss filled Sugar Factory!
     As anybody can see, all that I have experienced at the Paris Casino Resort is indulgent romantic dining ventures and casual gambling for entertainment value.  Everybody knows that there is much more to life than this ... or is there?  The Paris Casino Resort offers much more, but unfortunately I just cannot seem to get past the indulgent lures when visiting this world class resort.  The romantic classic French theme certainly commands enough respect to recommend this resort as a top destination when visiting Las Vegas.  Paris is the "City Of Love" on the Las Vegas Strip!                       

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