Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Saturday Car Show & Snatch Burger at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club ~ Las Vegas!

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     Cheeseburgers And Muscle Cars At A Modern Sin City Gentleman's Club!
     Two years ago on Saturday, September 28th, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club celebrated their third anniversary.  It seemed like this gentleman's just opened yesterday.  As part of the celebration, the Pussycat Dolls performed on stage.  A car show that featured plenty of muscle cars also was part of the anniversary party.  Food trucks were invited to this event.  Plenty of people showed up for the party and there was never a dull moment.
     The Hustler Club is located at 6007 Dean Martin Drive, just south of Russell, near Mandalay Bay.  Complimentary limo service is available.  The Hustler Club is a huge luxurious modern gentleman's club that offers the entertainment that Las Vegas is famous for.  There is plenty of dance floor space and comfortable seating.  Wild special events are held on the roof top each week.  The Hustler Club hosts football viewing parties and the beverage specials cannot be beat.
     Food is served at this club and a complimentary buffet is occasionally offered.  From what I have heard, the food is pretty good.  The parking lot is huge and there is a full service valet canopy.  The Hustler Club also has its own fleet of limousines and buses.  The Hustler Club can accommodate large groups for special events.
     The Saturday afternoon car show had a good turnout.  There was not hundreds or thousands of cars, but the cars that were on display were pure eye candy.  The vintage muscle cars stole the show.  There were plenty of interesting custom cars to see.
     The rust bucket "Rat Rods" drew plenty of looks.  Rusty desert rat rods are notorious for being mean, loud and nasty!  One of the rat rods was equipped with a huge diesel.  I have seen that car launch from a stop light in town and I never heard it shift gears all the way up to highway speed.  Rat Rod power rules!
     From what I could gather from chatting with a one of the security team members, several food trucks were invited to the car show.  Every food truck that showed up was asked to leave the property after inspection.  Honestly, the menu offerings and cleanliness of most food trucks does leave something to be desired.  I am sure that a visual inspection done by the Hustler Club staff resulted in why access was denied.  Many food trucks tend to be their own worst enemy, especially when the bottom dollar is the only thing that counts.
     I must admit that the solitary food wagon that remained at the car show could not have been a better choice.  Off course the deck was stacked in the approval process, but then again, this is Vegas!  The Snatch Burger food wagon drew 4 aces with a kicker!
     The Snatch Burger food wagon is actually sponsored by the Hustler Club.  The Snatch Burger name naturally drew laughter and smiles.  Folks walking by gawked at the Snatch Burger sign and did a double take, while scratching their heads in amazement.
     I will not even delve into explaining the reason why the name of this food wagon is ingenious.  The name of this food truck is good old fashioned American slang tongue humor at its best.
     International viewers of this article my not realize the meaning of "Snatch Burger" and this could possibly lead to an awkward moment.  Asking for a Snatch Burger at the wrong place and the wrong time could result in getting slapped in the face!
     People that flocked to the Snatch Burger food wagon looked like they felt compelled to spend a few dollars for a Snatch Burger just for the sake of freedom of speech preservation.  Freedom of expression has always been a running theme in Vegas.  In a way, spending few bucks on a Snatch Burger can be likened to showing support for civil liberties.
     Many Vegas locals get tired of the out of state conservatives that come to Vegas just to sling a middle of the road morality agenda.  The locals do have a point.  Vegas was never meant to be Cheese Whizville, Wisconsin.  Vegas has always been 24/7 untamed entertainment central!
     Over and above the shock value of the brand name, the only thing that really counts is quality.  Snatch Burger offers quality service with a smile.  The burgers are cooked to order the old fashioned way.  I ordered a classic Snatch Burger with cheese.  The Snatch Burger was definitely a picture perfect all American "Cheeseburger With The Works."  Awesome!
     Snatch Burger is a permanent fixture at the Hustler Club.  Hanging around Snatch Burger by the valet area with guests and dancers munching away on good burgers is the American way, baby!  Cheeseburgers, hot rods and sexy entertainment is what Vegas is all about!

Friday, February 27, 2015

North Las Vegas Attractions!

     North Las Vegas Attractions!
     The Las Vegas Speedway in North Las Vegas is the place to be on NASCAR Weekend.  This yearly event brings thousands of dedicated NASCAR fans to this city.  The parties on the Vegas Strip and the Fremont Experience do get pretty wild.  Nearly every major casino resort books top country western musical acts just to make the race fans feel right at home.  
     North Las Vegas has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment too.  The casino resort scene in this end of the valley is a little more laid back.  This pace is to the liking of working class visitors that are overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the primary tourist destination areas.  
     Many hospitality businesses in North Las Vegas cater to the needs of the Air Force Base Personnel.  Down home style food and entertainment is most often the venue that is preferred.
     North Las Vegas locations are ways north of the Las Vegas Strip.  The best way for tourists to access these destinations is by bus or a rental car.  A taxi fare would be a bit steep, but that is what hitting slot machine jackpot is all about.  These sites are easy to find and they are good sightseeing destinations!
     For local saloon, tavern, craft brewery and restaurant destination options in North Las Vegas or the northwest end of Las Vegas City, plenty can be found in the "Dining, Resorts & Shopping ~ Off The Las Vegas Strip!" index page. 
     Las Vegas Speedway
     The Las Vegas Speedway is located across the street from Nellis Air Force Base.  NASCAR puts on the biggest race of the year in Las Vegas and this city is flooded with race fans during NASCAR week. 
     Local racing, dirt track racing and NHRA Drag Racing events also take place at the speedway.  Exotic Racing is a local company that rents exotics sports cars and track time.  Those who always dreamed of running a Corvette or Ferrari on a real road race track can do so by booking track time with this company in advance.  
     The Electric Daisy Carnival is another prime event at the Las Vegas Speedway.  Hundreds of thousands of party animals attended the 3 day EDC concert event.  Tickets for EDC usually sell out the first day, but local ticket handlers sometime have some in stock.    

     Nellis Air Force Base Visitors Center
     The Nellis Air Force Base Visitors Center is Located at North Las Vegas Boulevard and Craig.  I captured a few nice photographs of a jet flying overhead, while visiting this North Las Vegas attraction.  One picture is actual size and the other two jet pictures were enlarged.  Taking photos of the jets and copters is okay.  
     The thrill really starts when the USAF Thunderbirds practice tight formation aerobatics overhead!  Nellis AFB is the home of the Thunderbirds.  Photos of Thunderbird practice flights have made the local newspapers this week.  Anybody that has had a good telephoto camera near Nellis when the Thunderbirds are in the air will surely have some great photo opportunities.    
     Nellis Air Force Base is the home of many great air shows and the general public can attend these events.  The visitors center offers plenty of information and memorabilia.  There are good spots to watch the fast jet pilots do their stuff and spectators get a thrill out of hearing the engines roar.

     The Silver Nugget Casino
     The Siver Nugget Casino is located at 2140 N Las Vegas Blvd.  The Silver Nugget is an old local casino that has an old fashioned bowling alley theme.  Bowling is featured in many old Vegas casinos.  Some of the modern casinos offer state of the art bowling facilities with every digital effect in the book.  The Silver Nugget is antique by modern standards, but nostalgic bowlers appreciate old fashioned pinsetter style lanes.  
     "Wait!  Turn the car around!  Did you see that sign?"  The Silver Nugget marquis sign advertisement for the Home Town Kitchen Burger Platter always draws passers by into this old fashioned Vegas casino.  
     Getting an old fashioned diner style big cheeseburger platter for a super low price is always a deal worth checking out.  All I can say is I have done the Silver Nugget Burger deal a few times and there are no strings attached.
      The Hometown Kitchen Restaurant is a comfortable old fashioned Route 66 style diner.  The menu offers good old American classic cuisine.  Coupons are available on the internet and they are worth looking into.  One coupon offer that I noticed was for a half price meal.  There was a steak n lobster special on the du jour menu is the bargain of the century.  Free birthday meals are offered too.  The Silver Nugget proves that old fashioned customer friendly Vegas prices are not a thing of the past!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge, Amargosa Valley, Nevada!

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     Ash Meadows 
     Getting some fresh air by taking a Sunday drive in the wide open spaces is a tradition here in the desert southwest.  Wandering around and taking pictures of the great outdoors provides stress relief and a chance to capture memories that last a lifetime.   
     The goal of outdoor destination articles like today's, is to promote destinations that are not often mentioned in tour guides.  Places like Ash Meadows offer a good natural history learning experience for children and adults.
     Ash Meadows is recognized internationally as being a fragile desert ecosystem conservation area.  The prime attraction in this desert refuge is a rare natural desert oasis.  The blue water of the desert spring oasis is home for the ancient Pupfish.   Pupfish have not changed since the age of the dinosaurs and they have survived a millennia of adverse environmental conditions.  Pupfish are adjusted to extreme heat and high salinity water.  No other fish can live in these conditions.
     The Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge covers more than 22,000 acres and it is part of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge complex.  There is a well maintained dirt road that runs through the entire length of Ash Meadows.  A regular passenger car can traverse this road with no problem, but a 4x4 or high ground clearance vehicle is always a smoother ride.
     Ash Meadows is located in the Amargosa Valley, Nye County, Nevada.  This destination is about a 60 to 90 minute drive from Las Vegas, depending on which of the two routes that are followed.
     From the Alien Travel Center on Highway 95, State Road 373 runs west to the north Ash Meadows entrance.  The Ash Meadows sign can be seen a few miles short of the Longstreet Casino near the state line.
     To reach the southern Ash Meadows entrance via Pahrump, follow State Road 190 to Belle Vista Road, then follow the signs to Death Valley Junction.  A couple of miles before the historic ghost town, the south entrance to Ash Meadows can be found.  The pictures above show outlying areas near the Belle Glade Road access point.
     Respect for the environment is best to keep in mind when visiting Ash Meadows.  No contaminants or litter can be left behind and only memories can be taken from this wilderness area.  The old rule of "what you pack in is what you pack out" always applies in pristine environments.
     Like always, when traveling in the desert, carry a two day supply of water and nonperishable food in the car.  This practice does save lives.  Spring temperatures in the desert southwest are mild and pleasant, so this is the best time of year to enjoy the great outdoors!
     More information about Ash Meadows can be found by following this hyperlink:
     • US Fish And Wildlife Service - Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge - Nevada

Monday, February 23, 2015

The 2012 Vegas Sin & LFL Championship

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     The 2012 Vegas Sin & LFL Championship
     The photo albums for this article were originally published back in 2012.  The process of transferring articles from the old original food and travel theme website to this new southwestern travel destination website continues.
     Because no detachable lens cameras were allowed at the Orleans Arena for LFL games, a pocket camera was the only choice for game photos.  One can see the difference in quality when compared to the photos of the 2015 Las Vegas USA Sevens Rugby that were published last week.  Pocket cameras are convenient, but the photo resolution quality does no compare to an SLR telephoto camera.
     Many LFL fans like to reflect on the Las Vegas Sin photos, so republishing the 2012 game photos in a slide show format will fit the bill.  The slide show contains photos from these games at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas:
     • Vegas Sin vs L.A. Temptation
     • Vegas Sin vs Green Bay Chill
     • LFL Championship

     The Orleans Casino Resort Arena was the original home of the Vegas Sin LFL team.  The ticket prices were nice and every seat in the arena was good.  Some games sold out, but fan support was meager for games that were expected to be a lopsided victory.  Overall, the LFL venture at the Orleans successfully gave the LFL project a running start and the Las Vegas Sin built up a loyal local fan base.
     The Vegas Sin no longer play ball at the Orleans Casino Arena.  Currently the Vegas Sin do not even play ball in the State Of Nevada, because their new home at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas is undergoing reconstruction.
     During the upcoming 2015 season, the Vegas Sin home games scheduled at an arena in Ontario, California.  Hopefully this will be a temporary move.  Because the biggest spectator draw for the LFL is network television, just about anything is possible.  One thing is certain, loyal Vegas Sin fans will support the team no matter what.
     The LFL has gone through a few rebranding processes over the years.  Originally the name was the Lingerie Football League and the theme centered upon creating a Las Vegas style sexy women's football league.  Needless to say, this venue was a success.
     Eventually professional athleticism became the central theme of the league and currently the official name of the organization is now the Legends Football League.  Fortunately the only thing that has not changed during rebranding was the lingerie style uniforms that made this football league famous.
     I attended the Vegas Sin home games and the LFL Championship in 2012.  Yes, the LFL is certainly a spectator sport, but the level of play was high.  The girls certainly play football on a professional level.  In all honesty, it seemed like the crowd at the game was more focused on the game than just gawking at girls playing football in lingerie.  Fans genuinely cheered the team on.
     Of course when an LFL game was a boring blow out, this football league has one advantage over the men's pro football league.  The view of the lingerie clad LFL girls kept the crowd from making an early exit out the gates.  Ce est la vie!
     The Vegas Sin was a strong team in 2012.  The league champs at that time were the L.A. Temptation and the were the biggest rival of the Vegas Sin.  The Vegas Sin beat the Temptation during the regular season, but lost to L.A. in the playoffs.
     The 2012 LFL Championship Bowl Game was a one sided game from the start.  The Los Angeles Temptation dominated the Philadelphia Passion from start to finish.  L.A.'s great coaching and play-call kept the Passion on their heels.
     The 2015 LFL season is getting underway soon and tickets are up for grabs.  Hard core Vegas Sin fans will certainly make the trek across the border to Ontario to see the games.  The official Vegas Sin schedule and news about the league can be found at the LFL website.  Hopefully the Sin will be back in Las Vegas next year.  Till then, Ontario is the place to go.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 USA Sevens Rugby Las Vegas! ~ Friday Matches Part 7 • ARG vs KEN • BRA vs SCO • FRA vs AUS

     This is the last group of photos from the Friday Las Vegas USA Sevens Rugby Tournament.  The matches in the slide show are:
     • Argentina vs Kenya
     • Brazil vs Scotland
     • France vs Australia

     Like a good chef, I do keep my word.  I was seated with a large group of ex pro rugby players at the the Las Vegas Sevens and those guys asked where they could view the published photos.  I kind of felt obligated to post every photo that turned out good.
     Believe me, every slide show in this series of 7 blog articles has great high resolution photos.  I used a Nikon D90 SLR with a 300x Telephoto Lens.  Lets put it this way.  There are photos of midfield where the fine print on the rugby ball can be read as it is flying through mid air.

     Hopefully I will be able to attend the Las Vegas Sevens Rugby Matches again next year.  Who knows where I will end up after graduating college in May.  More than likely I will be working at a resort somewhere in the west.  Even so, no matter where I happen to be when the Lave Vegas Sevens calendar date nears, I will be booking a flight to my home city, just to get my rugby on!

Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 USA Sevens Rugby Las Vegas! ~ Friday Matches Part 6 • WAL vs FIJ • CAN vs ENG

     More Friday Night Las Vegas Sevens Action!
     The USA Sevens Rugby Matches in the slide show:
     • Wales vs Fiji
     • Canada vs England
     These two Sevens Rugby matches were absolute thrillers.  Both matches were close and every team was within range of win till the very end.  The play was fast and filled with raw determination.  These four team went all out and gave each second their all.
     The Fiji fans were in the stadium in full force.  I was favoring Samoa and Fiji from the start, but after being in college for several years, the gambling funds are a bit thin and I gave up all thought of placing a wager on the rugby pool.
     Las Vegas casinos do set odds on nearly anyything, including rugby.  Many fans in the grand stand section where I was seated had placed some hefty wagers on the matches and the overall pools.
     There was no denying that the heavyweights of the Sevens Rugby World Series were the favorites and fans unloaded plenty of money on those teams.  Many of the gamblers laid big money down on teams like England, Wales and Australia.  As every rugby fan knows, the unexpected happens more often than not in rugby.  All I can say is that there were plenty of disappointed gamblers after some upsets occurred, but thats the way the ball bounces.
     Those who put their money on Fiji were rewarded with a nice chunk of change.  Fiji won the Las Vegas Sevens Championship in grand style.  The Fiji Rugby fan club sure has grown in numbers the last few days and deservedly so.  Fiji is one tough rugby team!