Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Goldwell Open Air Museum! ~ Rhyolite, Nevada

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     The Goldwell Open Air Museum
     The Goldwell Open Air Museum and Artist Residency is located near the entrance to Rhyolite Ghost Town.  This open air art museum has many fine examples of modern desert art that are one of a kind.  The tall building block figure of a nude blonde is world famous.  The ghostly white plaster cast cloaked figures of the Biblical Last Supper with the Funeral Mountains in the background is a great example of surrealistic modern desert art.  The rusty steel sculpture of Shorty Harris and his Whiskey Hallucination Penguin is one of the main attractions.
     While at the Rhyolite Ghost Town, wandering around the Goldwell Open Air Museum grounds is a must to do.  There is no comparable outdoor art museum anywhere else in the world! 

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