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The Saturday Car Show & Snatch Burger at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club ~ Las Vegas!

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     Cheeseburgers And Muscle Cars At A Modern Sin City Gentleman's Club!
     Two years ago on Saturday, September 28th, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club celebrated their third anniversary.  It seemed like this gentleman's just opened yesterday.  As part of the celebration, the Pussycat Dolls performed on stage.  A car show that featured plenty of muscle cars also was part of the anniversary party.  Food trucks were invited to this event.  Plenty of people showed up for the party and there was never a dull moment.
     The Hustler Club is located at 6007 Dean Martin Drive, just south of Russell, near Mandalay Bay.  Complimentary limo service is available.  The Hustler Club is a huge luxurious modern gentleman's club that offers the entertainment that Las Vegas is famous for.  There is plenty of dance floor space and comfortable seating.  Wild special events are held on the roof top each week.  The Hustler Club hosts football viewing parties and the beverage specials cannot be beat.
     Food is served at this club and a complimentary buffet is occasionally offered.  From what I have heard, the food is pretty good.  The parking lot is huge and there is a full service valet canopy.  The Hustler Club also has its own fleet of limousines and buses.  The Hustler Club can accommodate large groups for special events.
     The Saturday afternoon car show had a good turnout.  There was not hundreds or thousands of cars, but the cars that were on display were pure eye candy.  The vintage muscle cars stole the show.  There were plenty of interesting custom cars to see.
     The rust bucket "Rat Rods" drew plenty of looks.  Rusty desert rat rods are notorious for being mean, loud and nasty!  One of the rat rods was equipped with a huge diesel.  I have seen that car launch from a stop light in town and I never heard it shift gears all the way up to highway speed.  Rat Rod power rules!
     From what I could gather from chatting with a one of the security team members, several food trucks were invited to the car show.  Every food truck that showed up was asked to leave the property after inspection.  Honestly, the menu offerings and cleanliness of most food trucks does leave something to be desired.  I am sure that a visual inspection done by the Hustler Club staff resulted in why access was denied.  Many food trucks tend to be their own worst enemy, especially when the bottom dollar is the only thing that counts.
     I must admit that the solitary food wagon that remained at the car show could not have been a better choice.  Off course the deck was stacked in the approval process, but then again, this is Vegas!  The Snatch Burger food wagon drew 4 aces with a kicker!
     The Snatch Burger food wagon is actually sponsored by the Hustler Club.  The Snatch Burger name naturally drew laughter and smiles.  Folks walking by gawked at the Snatch Burger sign and did a double take, while scratching their heads in amazement.
     I will not even delve into explaining the reason why the name of this food wagon is ingenious.  The name of this food truck is good old fashioned American slang tongue humor at its best.
     International viewers of this article my not realize the meaning of "Snatch Burger" and this could possibly lead to an awkward moment.  Asking for a Snatch Burger at the wrong place and the wrong time could result in getting slapped in the face!
     People that flocked to the Snatch Burger food wagon looked like they felt compelled to spend a few dollars for a Snatch Burger just for the sake of freedom of speech preservation.  Freedom of expression has always been a running theme in Vegas.  In a way, spending few bucks on a Snatch Burger can be likened to showing support for civil liberties.
     Many Vegas locals get tired of the out of state conservatives that come to Vegas just to sling a middle of the road morality agenda.  The locals do have a point.  Vegas was never meant to be Cheese Whizville, Wisconsin.  Vegas has always been 24/7 untamed entertainment central!
     Over and above the shock value of the brand name, the only thing that really counts is quality.  Snatch Burger offers quality service with a smile.  The burgers are cooked to order the old fashioned way.  I ordered a classic Snatch Burger with cheese.  The Snatch Burger was definitely a picture perfect all American "Cheeseburger With The Works."  Awesome!
     Snatch Burger is a permanent fixture at the Hustler Club.  Hanging around Snatch Burger by the valet area with guests and dancers munching away on good burgers is the American way, baby!  Cheeseburgers, hot rods and sexy entertainment is what Vegas is all about!

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