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The 2012 Vegas Sin & LFL Championship

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     The 2012 Vegas Sin & LFL Championship
     The photo albums for this article were originally published back in 2012.  The process of transferring articles from the old original food and travel theme website to this new southwestern travel destination website continues.
     Because no detachable lens cameras were allowed at the Orleans Arena for LFL games, a pocket camera was the only choice for game photos.  One can see the difference in quality when compared to the photos of the 2015 Las Vegas USA Sevens Rugby that were published last week.  Pocket cameras are convenient, but the photo resolution quality does no compare to an SLR telephoto camera.
     Many LFL fans like to reflect on the Las Vegas Sin photos, so republishing the 2012 game photos in a slide show format will fit the bill.  The slide show contains photos from these games at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas:
     • Vegas Sin vs L.A. Temptation
     • Vegas Sin vs Green Bay Chill
     • LFL Championship

     The Orleans Casino Resort Arena was the original home of the Vegas Sin LFL team.  The ticket prices were nice and every seat in the arena was good.  Some games sold out, but fan support was meager for games that were expected to be a lopsided victory.  Overall, the LFL venture at the Orleans successfully gave the LFL project a running start and the Las Vegas Sin built up a loyal local fan base.
     The Vegas Sin no longer play ball at the Orleans Casino Arena.  Currently the Vegas Sin do not even play ball in the State Of Nevada, because their new home at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas is undergoing reconstruction.
     During the upcoming 2015 season, the Vegas Sin home games scheduled at an arena in Ontario, California.  Hopefully this will be a temporary move.  Because the biggest spectator draw for the LFL is network television, just about anything is possible.  One thing is certain, loyal Vegas Sin fans will support the team no matter what.
     The LFL has gone through a few rebranding processes over the years.  Originally the name was the Lingerie Football League and the theme centered upon creating a Las Vegas style sexy women's football league.  Needless to say, this venue was a success.
     Eventually professional athleticism became the central theme of the league and currently the official name of the organization is now the Legends Football League.  Fortunately the only thing that has not changed during rebranding was the lingerie style uniforms that made this football league famous.
     I attended the Vegas Sin home games and the LFL Championship in 2012.  Yes, the LFL is certainly a spectator sport, but the level of play was high.  The girls certainly play football on a professional level.  In all honesty, it seemed like the crowd at the game was more focused on the game than just gawking at girls playing football in lingerie.  Fans genuinely cheered the team on.
     Of course when an LFL game was a boring blow out, this football league has one advantage over the men's pro football league.  The view of the lingerie clad LFL girls kept the crowd from making an early exit out the gates.  Ce est la vie!
     The Vegas Sin was a strong team in 2012.  The league champs at that time were the L.A. Temptation and the were the biggest rival of the Vegas Sin.  The Vegas Sin beat the Temptation during the regular season, but lost to L.A. in the playoffs.
     The 2012 LFL Championship Bowl Game was a one sided game from the start.  The Los Angeles Temptation dominated the Philadelphia Passion from start to finish.  L.A.'s great coaching and play-call kept the Passion on their heels.
     The 2015 LFL season is getting underway soon and tickets are up for grabs.  Hard core Vegas Sin fans will certainly make the trek across the border to Ontario to see the games.  The official Vegas Sin schedule and news about the league can be found at the LFL website.  Hopefully the Sin will be back in Las Vegas next year.  Till then, Ontario is the place to go.

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