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Night Club, Tavern & Saloon Destinations ~ Off The Las Vegas Strip!


     Dining, Drinking And Gaming Tavern Destinations Off The Las Vegas Strip!
     Many tourists and locals seek cozy comfortable places on big holiday nights, like New Years Eve.  Dealing with large crowds and long waiting lines can be a real drag on a celebration night that is supposed to be fun.  The thought of the push and shove atmosphere of prime tourist destinations and crowded night clubs is good enough reason to look for alternative party destinations.  When in Rome, do what the local people do.  Head for a gaming tavern that serves great food and drink!

     Aces & Ales
     Great bar food and a great selection of craft beer!  The food at Aces & Ales is a good example of how modern tavern food should be.  The menu is well written and there is plenty of eye catching lingo.  The cuisine combines gourmet items with good old bar munch favorites.  Craft beer hunters will be happy to know that there are over 50 craft beers on tap and over 150 brands of bottled beer to choose from.  Aces & Ales features and promotes western craft beer in a big way.  
     The Aces & Ales that I visited is located at 2801 North Tenaya Way near the intersection of Cheyenne.  This location is just a few blocks west of Highway 95 North in Las Vegas.  There is a second location on the east side of town at 3470 South Nellis Boulevard.     

     Bacon Bar
     Bacon is the theme of the Bacon Bar!  Bacon has more than just cult status.  Bacon is a way of life for many people.  Some bacon fanatics say "If it ain't got bacon, it ain't worth makin'!"  The menu at the Bacon Bar is loaded with crafty trendy items that feature bacon.  The Bacon Bar's Bourbon Boar Signature Cocktail is awesome!  Automated self service beer taps are featured.  The Bacon Bar is a Bar Rescue TV Show Project!  
     The Bacon Bar is located at 3520 North Rancho Drive in Las Vegas near the intersection of Gowan.  

     Bailey's Sports Bar
     This is a cozy little neighborhood tavern in northwest Las Vegas.  Bailey's has a Thai restaurant that offers lunch and dinner.  There are plenty of television monitors for ball games and this is a Vikings bar.  Bailey's is a good place to wind down late at nigh too.
     Bailey's is located at 4341 N Rancho Drive at the intersection of Craig.  This location is a few blocks off of Highway 95 North.   
     Blue Diamond Saloon
     An ice cold beer sounds real good right now!  This saloon offers an upbeat friendly atmosphere.
     The Kona Brewing Company products are on tap.  The Blue Diamond Saloon advertises itself as being Kansas City Chiefs territory in Las Vegas!  Food is served. 
     The Blue Diamond Saloon is located at 6935 Blue Diamond Rd near the intersection of Rainbow.  This saloon is a few miles off of the South Las Vegas Strip, but it is close to a prime tourist destination, Red Rock Canyon.   

     Calico Jack's Saloon
     Good old fashioned food and an old time relaxed lounge atmosphere.  The experience is pure classic Vegas lounge.  The chili at Calico Jack's Saloon is good enough to write home about!  This saloon happens to be San Francisco 49'ers football fan territory and this fits in with the Calico Jack's gold mining theme.
     Calico Jack's Saloon is located at 8200 West Charleston Boulevard at the intersection of Cimarron.  This location is easy to reach from the Summerlin neighborhood golf courses.  
A Chicago style brew pub in Las Vegas!

     Charley's Down Under
     An Australian bar in Vegas!  Charley's Down Under has a wild Australian surfer bar kind of theme.  The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.  This is a favorite tavern of Summerlin locals.  The bar service is very professional and the food is good.  Chili with Cheese and Onions is what I gave a try.  
     Charley's Down Under is located at 1950 North Buffalo Drive at the intersection of Lake Mead.  A nice place to soak up some suds and socialize!     

     Chicago Brewing Company 
     This craft brewery opened its doors more than ten years ago and has gained a loyal clientele base.  Every brewcino has its own style, theme and beer brewing philosophy.  It is easy to see what this brewery tavern is all about.  Chicago!  The Chicago Brewing Company building has a classic 1930's Chicago style red brick look.  The atmosphere inside the brewery is like hanging out at an old traditional downtown gathering place in the "windy city."  For those who have a craving for classic Chicago style food, the Chicago Brewing Company offers the real deal.  Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza!  The long bar area has the feel of a comfortable big city lounge.  There is a second floor in the building that serves as Cigar Bar and entertainment is scheduled throughout the week.  An open view of the brewery and taproom draws the interest of craft brew fans.  
     The Chicago Brewing Company is located at 2201 South Fort Apache Road in Las Vegas.  The brewery is located in a plaza on the northwest corner at the intersection of Sahara.  
     Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar & Grill
     Vegas Rocks!  Count's Vamped is a hard rockin' bar and grill.  There is a large band stage in the main bar area.  Vamp'd advertises food and drink specials.  The decor and atmosphere at Vamp'd is pure rock n roll.  Famous autographed guitars can be seen everywhere in the building.  A large display of Ghost Rider movie memorabilia is located by the entrance to the bar.  A cool looking Vamp'd custom chopper sits right over the lounge bar.  The food is excellent!
     Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar & Grill is located at 6750 West Sahara near Rainbow.  This location is close to Summerlin.  

     Double Down Saloon
     Raw, raunchy, wild and very Vegas!  The Double Down Saloon has been a landmark since 1992.  This UNLV neighborhood saloon is as heavy duty as it gets.  If you into loud punk and metal in a wild dive bar atmosphere, then this is the place to go.  The Double Down Saloon is the home of the original Bacon Martini and Ass Juice Shooters!  Awesome!  
     The Double Down Saloon is located at the corner of Swenson and Naples in the Fruit Loop District.  This saloon is across the street from the UNLV Thomas & Mack Arena.  

     Five Star Tavern
     By merely looking at the signage, one would assume that this tavern is simply a watering hole for locals.  After stepping through the doors, be ready for a shock!  The Five Star Tavern is as posh as any lounge in town.  The Five Star Tavern offers an extensive wine list, great food and a classic mellow atmosphere that is kind of chic.  Jazzy, artsy and pleasant is the best way to describe this tavern.  The perfect choice for enjoying an evening of pure classic Las Vegas lounge!   
     The Five Star Tavern that I visited is located in a plaza at 4402 N Rancho Drive at the intersection of Craig.  There are a few more locations in Las Vegas.  The Five Star Tavern is classy Las Vegas lounge swank at its best!
     Funhog Ranch
     A cool alternative Vegas lounge destination that surely will be happening on New Years Eve!  The Funhog Ranch caters to the needs of the local gay and lesbian community.  The Funhog Ranch gets pretty active and wild on weekend nights.  The Funhog Ranch is a down to earth old west style alternative bar.  The "Fun Hog" theme is evident in the decor.  This Las Vegas bar definitely is conducive for wild times.  The Kentucky Mule Cocktail at the Funhog Ranch is superb!  No food is served.
      The Funhog Ranch is located at 495 East Twain Avenue in Las Vegas.  This central valley location is about one block east of Paradise and it is close to the Las Vegas Strip.  

     Gilligan's Hideaway
     Gilligan's Hideaway is an old fashioned Las Vegas style lounge.  This is a cozy little neighborhood gaming tavern that has a loyal friendly clientele base.  Gilligan's Hideaway serves great food and the dining value is excellent. Plenty of hot food is offered on the menu.  Steaks and pastas seem to be the featured items.  I recently had the Italian Sub at this bar while waiting on a car repair estimate.  The Italian deli meats were stacked high, just like the old days!
     Gilligan's Hideaway is located at 2601 Atlantic Street, between East Sahara and Karen.  Atlantic Street is about one block east of the intersection of Eastern and Sahara.  

     Hogs & Heifers Saloon
     The infamously wild Hogs & Heifers Saloon!  No food is served, but there is a great pizza joint next door.  Bikers are welcome!  This classic Las Vegas Saloon is fun, loud and as wild as it gets!  
     Hogs & Heifers Saloon is located between Fremont Street and The Mob Museum at the intersection of Hogs Avenue and Heifers Street.
     Johnny Fontane's Beach House
     Raw, down to earth and a good place to unwind after work or just plain old chill out!  For those who need a memory refresher, Johnny Fontane is famous for his role in the wedding scene in the original "Godfather" movie.  Johnny Fontane's Beach House can be described as being like a traditional New Jersey Shore bar & grill that is a favorite of the locals.  
     Of course with a name like Johnny Fontane in neon lights, one might expect to see good old fashioned East Coast style Italian food on the bar menu.  All I can say is that the menu is no disappointment!  The Stromboli at Johnny Fontane's Beach House is awesome!    
     Johnny Fontane's Beach House is located at 5310 West Sahara Avenue between Decatur and Lindell.  This is a great neighborhood bar and the beer is ice cold!    

     Larry Flynt's Hustler Club ~ Snatch Burger
     Snatch Burger and a unique gentleman's club!  The Hustler Club is a huge luxurious modern gentleman's club that offers the entertainment that Las Vegas is famous for.  There is plenty of dance floor space and comfortable seating.  Wild special events are held on the roof top of the building each week.  The Hustler Club hosts football game viewing parties and the beverage specials cannot be beat.  Food is served at this club and a complimentary buffet is occasionally offered.  The parking lot is huge and there is a full service valet canopy.  The Hustler Club also has its own fleet of limousines and buses.  The Hustler Club can accommodate large groups for special events.
     The Hustler Club is located at 6007 Dean Martin Drive, just south of Russell, near Mandalay Bay.  Complimentary limo service is available.  

     Mad Matty's Bar & Grill
     A cozy, comfortable classic Las Vegas lounge!  Those who miss the good old days when nearly every lounge on The Strip and downtown had a relaxed atmosphere will find what they are looking for at Mad Matty's.  Yes, there are cushioned bar stools, sofas and plush vinyl booths in this classy lounge!
     Mad Matty's is a friendly neighborhood bar that serves up great food.  During my visit, I tried the Mad Matty Burger.  The Mad Matty Burger is absolutely loaded up to the hilt with everything but the kitchen sink!  Gourmet burger fans will surely like this monumental masterpiece of chargrill perfection!  
     Mad Matty's Bar & Grill is located at 8100 West Sahara Avenue near the intersection of Cimarron Road.  This neighborhood bar & grill is on the west side of town near the Summerlin neighborhood and it is well worth checking out.  

     Montana Meat Co.
     A classic Las Vegas tavern that features beef!  The Montana Meat Company is like the grand old western style steakhouses of years gone by.  The dining room is spacious with a large seating capacity.  The seat cushions on chairs and booths have the classic retro thick padded leather cushion style that was popular from the 1940's through the 1970's.  The golden age of American steakhouse decor creates a comfortable atmosphere for an evening of serious steak munching.
     The Montana Meat Company is located at 6371 Centennial Center Boulevard in Las Vegas.  Centennial Center is a large shopping area that runs from Ann Road almost to the 215 Beltway.  This plaza is one block west of Highway 95.  The Sam's Club in Centennial Center is a good landmark to spot, when looking for the Montana Meat Company.
     Outpost Saloon
     Karaoke!  "This tavern is alive and active.  On a Wednesday night, this tavern is the place to be!"  Wednesday night karaoke at the Outpost Saloon is the best!  Good food and plenty of breathing room.            
     The Outpost Saloon is located at 2200 North Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas.  The easiest way to get to this saloon from downtown is by taking Highway 95 to the Lake Mead/RainbowBoulevard exit and heading a few blocks north.

     Roadrunner Saloon
     One of the coolest, most comfortable classic post 1940 era western style saloons that I have ever seen!  The Roadrunner Saloon offers relaxed old fashioned western style lounging comfort.  Those who have fond nostalgic memories of chilling out at lounges during the heyday of the Route 66 era will really like the atmosphere of the Roadrunner Saloon.  Great western theme food is served.  The Texas Bottle Caps are my fave.  The Cowboy Sliders are tasty and the Roadrunner also offers "Build Your Own Burgers!"
     The Roadrunner saloon is located at 921 Buffalo Drive at the intersection of Washington in the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegas.  This location is only a couple blocks north of the Buffalo exit on the Summerlin Parkway.  
    Rounders Grilling & Gaming
    Good Food Made From Scratch At An Enterprise Neighborhood Gaming Tavern!  Hot chile pepper fanatics will like what Rounders has to offer.  Rounders has a hot chicken wing eating challenge on the menu.  Every food item is made from scratch at rounders.  There are a few comfy chair and couch lounge areas in this tavern for those that like relaxing the old fashioned way.  The atmosphere in this tavern is tastefully upbeat and pleasant.  There is plenty of nostalgic memorabilia and the decor gives this tavern atmosphere a classic western feel.
     There are two Rounders Grilling & Gaming locations in the Las Vegas area.  I visited the Rounders at 8030 Blue Diamond Road.  This location is a ways off of the Las Vegas Strip, but visitors that venture to Pahrump or Red Rock Canyon will find this place to be a convenient stop near those destinations.

     Santa Fe Mining Company Tavern
     Big honest portions of great food and ice cold beer on tap!  The Santa Fe Mining Company has a comfortable dining room that is partitioned from the bar, so noise is reduced.  There is plenty of old fashioned booth seating to be found.  The Santa Fe Mining Company Tavern has a rustic nostalgic Nevada mining theme.  The dining room, billiard table room and bar at the Santa Fe Mining Company are spotlessly clean and well maintained.  The high ceiling has a modern air filtration system that evacuates all lingering smoke.  
     The Santa Fe Mining Company Tavern is located at 5021 North Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas.   Where Rainbow Boulevard crosses Rancho across the street from the Station Casino, the access can be found.  

     Spotlight Lounge
     A mellow alternative lifestyle lounge.  Gay & lesbian community members frequent this landmark bar.  Great Polish & Kraut Sandwiches!  Two happy hours sessions each day!  Underwear Night? 
     The Spotlight Lounge is located at 975 East Sahara in the Commercial Center Plaza.  

     Sundance Kid Café
     The name of this gaming tavern suggests a wild west theme, but the Sundance Kid Café is a sports bar all the way.  This tavern offers food from morning to evening hours.  The Coor's Lite is ice cold.  This is a comfortable little spot to watch a ball game and gamble!
     The Sundance Kid Café is located at 4325 W Craig Road at the intersection of Valley drive in North Las Vegas.         

     Timbers Bar & Grill  
     Timbers is a small chain of local taverns.  Timbers appeals to those that seek an escape from the neon hustle and bustle of Las Vegas.  The relaxed western wilderness resort atmosphere at Timbers attracts patrons that prefer a laid back casual tavern experience.  Mellow is the word!  Timber's Hawaiian Sliders are the bomb!
     The Timbers Bar & Grill that I visited is located at 7045 North Durango.  There are six more Timbers locations in the Las Vegas Valley.  

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