Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health ~ Las Vegas Architecture!

     Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health ~ Las Vegas Architecture!
     The winter of 2017 has blanketed many areas of the Southwest with snow this year.  As a result, many travel destination articles have been put on hold, especially ones that feature scenic places in high elevations.  Publishing a travel article that has bright sunny pictures of a travel destination from a day when the weather was warm, which is currently under blizzard conditions, can lead to frustration.  When it snows in the wide open spaces of the Desert Southwest, the danger level increases dramatically, because help can be hundreds of miles away.  There have been road closures in Utah National Parks, the Grand Canyon and even Death Valley this year, because of heavy winter weather.  That is three big western states and I have at least 50 travel destinations to write about in these territories that will have to wait till the weather warms up a bit more.  Fortunately springtime comes early in the Southwest, so the wait will not be long.
     In the mean time, featuring resort destinations and winter destinations is a safe bet.  For the most part, Las Vegas has had a mild winter this year and temperatures reached the 70's this month.  Las Vegas is the worlds number one gambling and decadence destination, but this city also has unique cultural sites that are often overlooked in travel brochures.  There are people that travel to Vegas just to visit Chinatown, museums and do some antique shopping.  Some people do culinary tours of Vegas and a few years ago there was a group that actually visited every gourmet cupcake shop in the entire valley.  There are also people that only make a trip to Las Vegas just to see the modern architecture.  The mega-casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip are truly a marvel to see.  Off the Las Vegas Strip is like a history book of architectural styles that range from the early 1900's through the modern contemporary period of the 1960's.  Many of these buildings have been featured in previous Las Vegas travel articles in this website.
     "I wonder how they built that?" is a question that is overheard from onlookers just about anywhere in Las Vegas.  This question definitely applies to the Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health on West Bonneville Avenue in downtown Las Vegas.  I honestly have seen people stand across the street at the Prime Outlet Mall and stare at this building in disbelief.  Droves of visitors take photos of the Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health everyday.  The reason why is easy to understand.  There simply is no other architectural design like this on earth!     
     Weird, strange and bizarre are descriptions that are overheard from onlookers that see the Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health for the first time.  Those who are in the construction business simply stare at this modern architectural masterpiece with a smile on their face, because being involved with an interesting construction project is like a dream come true, especially after building one "cookie cutter" house after another.
     Architects worldwide visit the Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health too.  This building was designed by the legendary architect Frank Gehry, so a visit to this place can be compared to studying the architectural works of Frank Lloyd Wright, who was far ahead of his own time.  Frank Gehry accomplished a difficult surrealistic theme when he designed the Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health and this building truly is a work of art.
     The photos in the slideshow date back to just after construction began on the Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health.  In fact, I was living nearby when this site was just an empty lot.  At that time, I used to catch a city bus to work across the street at the Clark County Government Center, which is a marquis example of modern Southwestern desert architecture in itself.  While sitting at the bus stop each week, I watched the weird looking building across the street take shape, piece by piece.  The sight was interesting to say the least!
     Of course, unique architecture is only part of the Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health.  The Cleveland Clinic is famous for being a leader in modern medical research and practice.  This medical facility is renowned for breakthroughs in finding cures for neurological disorders and many firsts in the urology field have been credited to this clinic.  In effect, it is only fitting to have a world famous architectural design for a building that houses world class medical services.
     When visiting Las Vegas, take a little architectural sight seeing tour to the intersection of West Bonneville Avenue and South Grand Central Parkway.  The World Market Center, Prime Outlet Mall, Clark County Government Center and the Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health are all at this location.  Each of these sites offers grand architectural designs that are well worth checking out.  By far, the surrealist Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health Building takes the cake for one of the most complex architectural designs on earth!